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Move forward with confidence

What do we have to offer?

Process Automation

Manual processes stealing your team members’ time? Many involve Excel documents and data consolidation. Often we can save your team at least 25% of its time. Imagine the revenue boost without adding to the headcount!

Thought Leadership

Mivance knows what ‘good’ looks like and we provide our clients with the strategic recommendations to get them there. We leverage our decades of experience to anticipate our clients' needs.

Software, Data and Integration Solutions

Whether it is modernizing legacy applications or building new ones, Mivance has you covered. Our clients know that their high stakes projects are in safe hands.

Helping Companies Know What They Don't Know

The average company has many manual processes that they don't know are costing them money in lost productivity and poor reporting

  • Do you have YOUR data in 3rd party locations that need to be manually cobbled together in order to get a finger on the pulse of your business?

  • Are you looking to get more out of your team without adding headcount?

  • Do you have business applications that don't talk to each other?

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Creative Problem Solvers

Mivance bring their technical expertise, analytical mindset and quick digestion of needs to provide fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver business value


Mivance team members constantly stay on top of the latest trends and best practices to provide forward looking, long-term solutions


Our leadership and team members all have solid experience with household brands that we bring to bear for all of our clients’ solutions - no matter what the size.


Much like a building, at the core of all of our solutions is a solid architecture that will enable longevity and low maintenance. 


By efficiently and effectively digesting client needs, we ensure that our solutions are done quickly and correctly - the first time!


Mivance prides itself on providing boutique firm style customer service and support that allows our clients to rest assured that they are in safe hands.


Our not so secret, secret sauce is connecting with other applications and 3rd party data sources. This is critical to avoid siloed applications, duplicate data and no single source of truth to leverage.


Your business isn't cookie cutter and neither are you processes. This is one of your differentiators. We provide solutions that let you be you!


Many companies have manual, repeatable processes that monopolize their team members’ time. By automating those processes, both savings and added revenue can be found. 


If are choosing between a plane with only a stick and throttle vs one with an altimeter, airspeed and heading indicators as well - you would likely choose the latter.


Self-serve insights allow you to fly your business more effectively by enabling faster, more accurate course corrections and measurement of success.

Need More Details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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